Safety for people.
Safety in software.

We make products to help when your personal safety is threatened, and we make products to help software developers make their own safe products.

DkSDK allows developers to build secure applications that run natively on desktops, phones, websites and high-end embedded devices. Developers have become wary of being locked into a particular vendor or technology when whole teams behind popular development frameworks are being let go. DkSDK will make it easy to prototype software iteratively on a desktop, catch bugs quickly with your own GitHub or GitLab continous integration provider, and deploy to desktop/web/mobile platforms, all while leaning into two paradigms that has proven both durable and productive: React-compatible frontends and Actor-compatible backends. DkSDK CMake, the build tool for DkSDK, is available today.

We open-sourced DkML for developers to install the programming language OCaml on Windows. OCaml and its Meta Language (ML) sister languages were designed to prove that math and software were rigorously correct. The OCaml programming language is a perfect foundation for developers to build safe software.

What's Coming

  1. The chat application Diskuv Communicator and its Diskuv Sanctuary backend service will be available as both a demonstration of DkSDK and a foundation for personal safety products.