There are too many tech stacks for a single team to handle. DkSDK allows developers to build secure applications that run natively on desktops, phones, websites and high-end embedded devices. Unlike the conventional approach of creating yet-another-tech-stack, DkSDK focuses on the “data layer” while letting you re-use the development environment and programming languages of the popular tech stacks. DkSDK makes it easy to prototype software iteratively on a desktop, catch bugs quickly with your own GitHub or GitLab continous integration provider, and deploy to desktop/web/mobile platforms. DkCoder, the scripting tool for DkSDK, DkSDK CMake, the native code build tool, and DkSDK FFI C, Java and OCaml, libraries for communicating between languages, are available today.

We open-sourced DkML for developers to install the programming language OCaml on Windows, with funding and governance from the OCaml Software Foundation. OCaml and its Meta Language (ML) sister languages were designed to prove that math and software were rigorously correct. The OCaml programming language is a perfect foundation for developers to build safe software.