DkSDK Subscriber Access Guide

1. Subscribe

If you haven't subscribed to DkSDK, you can schedule a call on the Diskuv Pricing: DkSDK page.

2. Private Git Repository

As a DkSDK subscriber, you will have been given a username and password to access a private Git repository. That username and password should not be used in your CMake, CI or any other code. Instead, you will likely already have, or can acquire, one of the following private Git servers:

Each private Git server provides its own instructions for getting access on your desktop and getting access in your continuous integration (CI) environments.

Once you have a private Git server, clone the DkSDK Git repository to your own private Git server.

3. Approved for Open Source access?

Open source access on your desktop:

Clone the DkSDK Git repository to your personal GitHub account or your personal GitLab project.

Open source access for your CI:

You will have received a programmatic token to access the DkSDK Git repository. Store that using GitHub or GitLab's secure credentials storage so that GitHub Actions or GitLab CI/CD jobs can access the token.