The demo closed in June, and an upgraded alpha will be available later this year. This page exists only for continuity for our demo participants.



New Features:

  • Get notified when a new message needs you to be signed-in or needs you to switch to a different sanctuary/Outdoors. This will not work on de-Googled phones
  • Much faster delivery of messages

Rough Edges:

  • All undelivered encrypted messages were removed for a database upgrade


Critical Fix:

  • Disable Signal auto-update


New Features:

  • Account takeover protection. You will be prompted to re-register; this will increase your safety
  • Add progress indicator during login

82635 (1.8.19+SIGNAL.5.8.9)

Welcome to Diskuv Communicator!


  • Send secure text messages in the Outdoors and sanctuaries

We're different! You must log in to see messages, especially after restarting your phone. The Outdoors and sanctuaries are described at Your Sanctuary

Known Issues:

  • Sending photos and files is not available yet
  • Switching between the Outdoors and a sanctuary will cause "safety numbers" to change. You will need to accept the safety number warnings this release